Web 2.0?


I have recently learn about the web 2.0. I am therefore curious about what it exactly entails and how as a future teacher web 2.0 could be of use to me. This week instead of reviewing technologies of which I have a certain knowledge of, I decided to venture into a universe of which I have absolutely zero knowledge of; the world of web 2.0.

As I am reading about it, I come to realize that unknowingly I have been using the web 2.0 for at least of few years! According to the definition of it, I could be summarize as following: a web 2.0 website is a website that enable their users to interact and collaborate between each other. It is a sort of virtual community. As I am reading those lines, I come to realize that Facebook which is a device that I use on a daily basis is considered as part of the web 2.0. Therefore even without any knowledge of it, unconsciously I have been aware of that tendency in the Internet for quite some times.

One element that immediately caught my attention is the fact that wikis are also considered as being part of the web 2.0. As such my instinctive reaction was to think of how great of a project it would be to have children writing an article about a topic of their choice on a homemade wiki. It would encompass two of the main competencies that students are required to obtain through their passage in the schooling system. Mainly, it would focus on the C2 which involves the reinvestment of knowledge as well as C3 the production of written texts.

 Easily, I could see my students part of a year long project that involves the creation of articles that could eventually be posted on the school’s wiki page. Student could gain from this experience an ability to summarize information and put it into their own words. A click after I had that realization, I quickly became aware that such sites are already there and could be easily implemented within a year long project.

On Wikibooks:Guidelines for class projects, I saw that this website offers some sugestions and general guidelines for teachers who would like to try out a project such as this one. Everything is well described and I think such as this one could be suitable for more advanced students such as high school students. I think the students would like a project like this one. It would offer them a wide range of possible subjects that they could work on thus making the learning more fun and in touch with their own reality. Eventually, a wiki 2.0 project could also form a sort of database that the students could refer to that would be easily accesible to them.

This idea is so far the best I unveiled when it comes to the practical use of ICTs in a classroom. I will make sure to remember that idea when in next practicum which is going to be in a High School.

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