WebQuest 101


Since next week we have to hand in our WebQuest project I thought that maybe a little extra research on the subject might be of use!

The first thing I did was to learn more about who invented this type of activity and how he intended WebQuest to be used.

They were invented by Dr. Bernie Dodge in 1995. According to him, a well-designed webquest should include a muli-facet activity in which there are many possible right answers. He also suggests using topics that are relevant for the students and that are not based on topics that are already covered by student’s text book. He adds that students should not search for information but rather use it in order to complete the task. He advises teachers to give all the information they might need before hand. Dr. Dodge also promotes the use of authentic material for creating a WebQuest. Finally, he summarizes WebQuest as a task involving a higher level of thinking during which students do not simply copy paste information but rather use creativity in order to make sense of it and complete the activity.

Although it looks quite appealing and easy to do there are many pitfalls teachers should be aware of. First, there is the fact that some students will see it as just a traditional task in disguise, others will be lost amongst the endless numbers of website and last some teachers might forget to review the information thinking the students learned everything there was to be learned by simply completing the WebQuest.

Another website gave me clear explanations on how to put the information within the WebQuest ensuring it would be convenient for students to use and fill out.

One thing that Dr. Dodge said that really made me realize the potential given by such tool is the fact that it is a constructivist activity which really to the field of competency that students should acquire according to the MELS document.

Now that I have this information more defined in my head, I think it will be easier for me to create a WebQuest that could be of use for me either during my practicum or later during my professional career.

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