Using online polls to trigger students’ interest!

online polls computer app

As a teacher it is crucial to find topics that will trigger the student’s interest. In doing so, a teacher is more likely to receive positive feedbacks from both the students and their parents as he/she is doing anything in his/her power to influence their students in a positive way. While trying to capture their attention, a relevant way could be to use online polls. A tool such as this one helps to get a general idea of possible subjects that could be both current and relevant for the students.

According to the website faculty focus, online polls are a good way of shifting information from the short-term memory into the long-term one while doing a reflective activity. Moreover, this tool also allow teachers to get feedback on an activity without suffering from the peer pressure of doing it using a show hand technique.

In fact, I am not the first teacher who agrees on using online polls so to capture student’s attention. While researching the topic I stumbled on a blog about an English teacher who uses features such as an online polls with his students. He proposes a website that allows students to utilize it without even having to register themselves. What is so nice about the Mentimeter website is that it involves direct interactions with the results popping up almost immediately. The only con is that this website works solely on intelligent phones or electronic tablets.

From what I learned while researching on the topic, I think an online poll survey could be a great addition in a classroom as it allows the teacher to receive direct feedback from his students. Best this service is completely anonymous. As they say on Mentimeter, this tool is great for pop quizzes, expectation management from the students, forcing their reflection as well as providing a stress free environment in which students can give their teacher constructive feedbacks.

I suppose this tool could be harder to use in an elementary school but I can see myself using it with high school students. As teacher we should always aim at improving the lessons we give. Therefore, I can see why more and more teachers use online polls as to give their students a positive opportunity to review whether or not the teacher delivered to them the information in a decent manner.

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